Floorplan NEN 2580

Measuring report services according to NEN2580

Floorplan NEN 2580

We have experience in NEN 2580 compliance drawing, our experienced team has successfully completed several projects in NEN 2580 format.

NEN2580 is a surface calculation. It's build up of different 'groups' of area's in a house.

  • Gebruiksoppervlakte wonen (woonkamer, keuken, slaapkamer, badkamer, entree/hal, kast, serre, zolder)
  • Overige inpandige ruimte (berging (in or ajacent to a house), garage)
  • Gebouwgebonden buitenruimte (balkon, veranda)
  • Externe bergruimte (Schuur)

Every area in the house shall be applied based on NEN color scheme file.